Miss Donni, Theatre Educator

Showing how EDUcation can, indeed, be EnterTAINING!


Specializing in large cast staging, choreography for non-dancers, stage management for recitals & meetings, & acting instruction


Specializing in teaming to develop outstanding live events, coordinating departments and artists, training volunteers, & maintaining quality

Specializing in department collaboration, developing leadership,  and Differentiated Learning models.


Specializing in student-led productions, script analysis & research, competition preparedness, and large cast staging    SLIDE SHOW 

Recent project: Choreographer for "Joseph  and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at Delray Beach Playhouse

Recent project: Gary Coleman in "Avenue Q- the Musical" at Andrews Living Arts Studios 





  •    Professional Educator Certification  (Florida Dept of Education)
  •    Bachelor of Arts (magna cum laude) in Theater Arts
  •    Post-graduate coursework in Secondary-level Education
  •    Trained Local Chinese English Teachers (L.E.T.s) in Western English Drama 
  •    2-years as Trainer for Disney Regional Entertainment
  •    Adjudicator for Florida Thespians' Districts 3, 7, 10, 13, & 15
  •    Computer Literacy basic HTML coding, all essential Microsoft Office programs
      including PowerPoint and Publisher, social mediums         

    TRANSFERABLE SKILLS SET               



    ~Thinking Outside
    The Box


    ~Social Media

    ~International Traveler

    ~Entertainment Management

    ~Research and



    ~Performing Arts

    ~Student Engagement




  • Dynamic Dimensions!  Geometry and Dance, A Perfect Pair
  • Stage Lighting with Master Electrician Kevin Wilson
  • Bringing Characters from Literature & History to Life Through Dance
  • Unit Organizer Routine for Social Studies
  • Moving Ideas:  Integrating Science and Dance
  • MicroSoft PowerPoint: Techniques for the Advanced User
  • Say Something!  Encouraging Students to Take a Stand Against Bullying
  • MicroSoft Access: Introduction for the Successful Microsoft Excel User
  • Understanding Race, Gender, and Ethnicity: Skills to Become a More Effective Educator
  • Character Interviews: A Dramatic Approach to Reading Comprehension
  • Facing History: Journey of the Freedom Riders
  • Motivating, Engaging, and Supporting the English Language Learner Through Drama
  • Deconstructing Racism: Teaching the African-American History Curriculum 
  • Marrying Art to Technology: Communicating Ideas in the 21st Century
  • Florida Alliance for Arts Education (FAAE) Arts Integration Symposium
  • American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Beginning Readers 
  • Curriculum mapping using UbD (Understanding by Design)
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic (Online) Learning Environment 
  • Strategies for Supporting English Language Learners 
  • Marzano's Principles of "effective teaching"
  • Lesson Planning Using Differentiation Strategies
  • Principles of "Assessment for Learning"
  • Curriculum articulation using Atlas Rubicon online storage system 
  • Project CR.I.S.S. - Creating Independence through Student-owned Strategies
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Classroom Management I & II
  • Maximizing Student Performance and Achievement
  • Single School Culture for Teachers
  • Content Area Reading Strategies I & II  



  • Small Business Owner
  • Drama Teacher
  • World History Teacher
  • Language Arts Teacher
  • Journalism Teacher
  • Theater Group Instructor
  • Play Director
  • Play Producer
  • Musical Theater Choreographer
  • Music Video Director
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Math Tutor
  • Acting Coach
  • Dance Instructor
  • Web Designer
  • Social Media Developer
  • Colorguard Instructor
  • Oral English/Speech Teacher
  • Volunteer Coordinator


  • Teacher for Conversational English
  • Speech Consultant 
  • Stage Manager
  • Corporate & Social Relations Assistant
  • Cartoon Voice Talent
  • Educational Toys Voice Talent
  • Corporate Training Voice Over Artist
  • Production Assistant
  • Film Extras Casting Assistant
  • Puppet Company Manager
  • Theme Park Cast Manager
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Restaurant Hostess
  • TV Production Coordinator
  • Law Office Assistant
  • Computer Training Center Ass't Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Storyteller
  • Children's Books Specialist
  • Parade and Show Dancer
  • Pizza Phone Girl



  • "[Donalda] is an excellent organizer, managing large numbers of students with an efficient and clear command. She is creative and humorous, which has inspired many of her students to work hard an achieve." ~ Arts education colleague

  • "Donalda knows how to create a balance between being a team player and taking initiative. One day she came to me and suggested we do an event that would bring business and community leaders here to recruit mentors and enhance our marketing... She volunteered countless hours and spearheaded the development of this event, which turned out to be one of our biggest and most successful events ever!" ~ executive director

  • 'She is a creative and enthusiastic teacher." ~ Arts education colleague

  • "She forms a great rapport with her students, and can provide them with a strong, confident role-model... her passion for her subject is evident." ~ academic director

  • "Donalda was an inspirational leader of students when we travelled together in South Africa. A real pleasure to watch her relationship with and respect from the students in her care." ~youth field trip company director

  • "Her drama performances were of high quality and were very successful... Donalda is a passionate and highly motivated worker... she will bring value to the companies she works for in the future." ~staff coordinator

  • "Donalda is talented, motivated and passionate about her craft. She is intelligent, witty, as well as resourceful. Donalda committed to providing quality instruction for her students and supported administration in a positive manner. She always maintains a positive disposition while proving to be a hard working team member." ~ assistant principal

  • "During our time as co-workers, I witnessed teaching excellence, dedication, and a caring for students that was second to none... She also willingly gave her time to help with various events that the school would hold after hours... She was very dependable and able to multi-task at a high level." ~ social studies colleague

  • "Teaching... with Donni was always good fun and never felt like work. Her lessons always flowed perfectly which I know from personal experience is not an easy feat when working with a large group of children. In her role as primary teacher, she alway gave me enough responsibility to push me in my own role, but not too much that I felt out of my depth. As both a teacher and my team leader, Donni was great." ~ class assistant leader

  • "Under Donni's leadership, the high school drama program reached a new height. Students were well managed and motivated." ~technology colleague

  • "Donalda is a passionate and innovative artist and educator. The broad scope of her international experience in the performing arts is testament to her dedication to engaged learning in a diverse array of communities. Her continued commitment to the arts shines through in her most recent endeavor to return to her Florida roots and inspire a new generation of artists." ~former student



University Center for the Performing Arts

Kravis Center for the Performing Arts 

Atlantic High 

West Boca Raton High 

Tradewinds Middle

Plumosa Elementary School of the Arts

Boca Raton High

Spanish River High

Addison Mizner Elementary

Bak Middle School of the Arts

Woodlands Middle

Imagine Schools

South Tech Academy

Boynton Beach High

Eagles Landing Middle

Boca Raton Middle

Carmel Pak U Secondary

Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College 

 Jockey Club Government Secondary

Queen’s College

English for Asia 


Fanling Rhenish Secondary

Tak Sun Secondary 

Goldman Sachs

Clearwater Bay Primary

Kowloon Junior

Eureka Language Center

CCC Ming Kei College

St. Paul's Cannossian    Secondary

St. Stephens Secondary

Hallmark Corporation

Pui Ching Primary School

Pui Kui College

Law Ting Pong College

Ng Yuk Secondary

Lam Tai Fai College

Dramatic English, Ltd

Royal Palm Beach Community High

John J. Kennedy Middle

The Milagro Center

Spanish River Community High  

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