Miss Donni, Theatre Educator

Showing how EDUcation can, indeed, be EnterTAINING!

                                     Some applause that has come my way over the years. Thanks!

"Whoa Miss Donni. You were right. My nerves were all over the place, but those crazy breathing exercises you make us do really helped." - PBLHS theatre student


"We just saw the Willy Wonka show which was amazing. Where can we get more info about tutoring and camps?" - audience parent


 "Great job Miss Donni! She had a great time and looked great up there. We're so proud." - Wonka show parent 


"Yeah, I know we're supposed to learn it, but Ms Donni, you make this stuff actually INteresting."    - AIS Freshmen Literature student


"After my year that I've spent with you as my teacher, I feel like as if I've grown up more as a person. "  - AIS Freshmen Literature student


"In the previous years, I didn't like English, I thought it was really boring. But when I got into Grade 9, I became really interested in English Literature. I learned a lot of things from my wonderful teacher, Miss Donni. I participated more than ever.                                    -  AIS Freshmen Literature student


"Your Cones of Knowledge encouraged me to speak up." - AIS Freshmen Literature student

"Just to say I really enjoyed Wednesday's shows!  The kids did great - well done on getting them to that stage!"    - AIS Arts Department colleague 



 "As a parent I just want to THANK YOU for this fantastic evening yesterday. My husband and I enjoyed every moment of it and we just loved the set up with a mix of music, dance and theater. It was absolute great! The stage was very nice[ly] decorated and I got this warm and close feeling which I think can be hard to get in the [school] hall. We were very impressed with all the students' performance. What courage and confiden[ce] they have. "  - AIS Drama Parent

“Thank you for your time, dedication, and unbounded enthusiasm! Jasmine’s first words after tonight’s show were ‘I want to do it all again!’” - Faust parent

“We have been ‘Donni-ised’! Thank you for your time, your mind, and your constant support and belief in us.”   - Actress from ‘The Ladies’


“You’re God’s gift to a castmember… the greatest guardian people can ask for.”     

 -Performer from Busch Gardens


“Miss Donni quite obviously enjoys her job!”    - Fanling Rhenish English teacher


“I’ve learnt so much more!”  - Michelle, age 9


“Thanks for teaching me. It was so fun with you. “    - Julia, age 8


“You make me know we should work hard.”    -  Hiu Yan, age 16


“Miss Donni is a playful teacher. Her lessons are different… I like going to her classes.”  - Sandy, age 13


“Teach me everything you know!” - Jockey Club Secondary School English teacher


“….an amazing teacher! You rock!” - English for Asia manager


“She is truly and exceptional teacher with the ability to reach children at many different levels and ages… knows how to create a balance between being a team player and taking initiative.” -  Milagro Center Director


“...professional and compassionate to her child’s needs.” -  Royal Palm Beach High  Drama parent